Local Area

Fantastic scenery surrounds Sherborne in every direction providing walkers, cyclists, and visitors to the Dorset area with an inviting playground to explore. Museums, walks and historic tours litter the countryside nearby, and if you don’t manage to venture out of the town, boutique shops, castles and the incredible Sherborne Abbey await you just a short walk from the front door.

Sherborne Castle, Dorset which has been a family home since 1617. Built by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1594, this historic house reflects a glorious variety of decorative styles from over 400 years of English History. 

The Haynes International Motor Museum is the UK’s largest collection of the greatest cars from around the world with over 400 amazing cars and bikes from the dawn of motoring.

The Dorset jurassic coast is a national heritage site and harbours some of the countries most beautiful and spectacular beaches. just a short drive away accesses the salty southern seaside.